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Changing Lives in Your Community

Opportunity Zones will be one of the most transformative engines for economic growth, job creation, and innovation of our time.

Included as part of the Investing in Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Opportunity Zones were created to spur capital infusion into underserved geographies through brand new tax incentives.

Investors can roll-over capital gains into opportunity funds – special investment vehicles that will deploy their capital in these predetermined opportunity zones.

Investors in Opportunity Zone can benefit from:

  • A tax deferral on invested capital gains
  • A step-up in basis on invested capital gains
  • Tax-free disposition of their Opportunity Zone investment

Changing the Very Character of Underfunded Communities

Coasis Coalision brings together:

  • Local Governments
  • NGO’s and NON-profits
  • Universities
  • Business Builders
  • Consultants
  • People from Opportunity Zones and Surrounding Areas

Coasis is all about creating opportunities in underfunded communities by developing matrices that improve peoples’ ability to create their own success in their own unique ways.

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Fund Sponsors

Are you a fund sponsor seeking Qualified Investors and simultaneously sourcing Outstanding Investment Opportunities for your Investors? Learn the latest in Opportunity Zone Fund regulation, structures and strategies and network with the investors and others who are the essential fuel for your businesses. Fund Sponsors who become Conference Sponsors may exhibit and reserve private rooms to present their programs.


Are you a qualified investor seeking Tax Advantages? Opportunity Zones fuel economic growth in Low Income Communities through investments that allow for tax deferral, reduction and elimination. Investors attending our Conference can explore the tax advantaged Impact Investing available with Qualified Opportunity Funds and meet with Fund Sponsors who can facilitate those investments.


Are you charged with deploying debt capital to Highly Qualified Borrowers? Attend our Conference to meet the movers and shakers who are investing equity in Opportunity Zones and required bridge loans and side-by-side debt investment. Lenders who become Conference Sponsors can exhibit their debt products to highly receptive commercial borrowers.

Real Estate Developers

Real Estate development is currently the leading investment strategy within Opportunity Zones. Whether office, multifamily, retail, hospitality, or office-industrial, Real Estate Developers are facilitating the delivery of capital and improved infrastructure in Opportunity Zones. At our Conference learn the latest trends in Opportunity Zone development and connect with fund sponsor clients.

Service Providers

Can you provide services to Opportunity Zone Participants? Brokers, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants, Auditors, Tax Advisers, Property Managers, Title Companies, Insurers, Fund Administrators, Transfer Agents, Escrow Agents, Investor Services Professionals, Due Diligence Professionals among others. There are almost too many professionals to acknowledge that will play important roles in the facilitation of Opportunity Zone investments. Become a Sponsor and exhibit at our Conference to meet your new clients.

Economic Development Organizations

City, County, State, Federal Agencies, Non-Profits, Impact Organizations, and Foundations seek to improve the communities they serve. At our Conference advance your mastery of the new and evolving Opportunity Zone ecosystem to further optimize your ability to carry out your mission. While at our conference identify the necessary partners from all sectors who can augment your efforts in disadvantaged communities.

Venture Stage Companies

Startups and Venture stage companies are a valuable source for Opportunity Zones Investment. The Opportunity Zone program promises to free venture capital to invest beyond the concentrations in the Silicon Valleys. At our Conference meet the venture investors who seek to deploy capital with the potential for unlimited tax-free upside.

Expanding Companies

Existing companies can benefit from the Opportunity Zone ecosystem. Creative structures to expand into Opportunity Zones can improve access to capital for established companies. Any company seeking to expand must attend our Conference to explore how to optimize its growth and to meet others who can help pave the path.

Opportunity Zones

  • Opportunity Zones are defined geographical areas that have been pre-designated by the states
  • Opportunity Zones were created based on the community standards for New Markets Tax Credits
  • There are 8,761 throughout the United States and its Territories
  • Opportunity Zones are estimated to encompass 37% of the United States and its Territories
  • There are an estimated 35 million Americans living in Opportunity Zones
  • Unemployment rates in Opportunity Zones are more than half again higher than the average census tract

Investment Benefits

  • Invest capital gains from any other investment in a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days after those gains are realized
  • Defer the tax on those capital gains for up to 7 years
  • Reduce the tax of those capital gains by up to 15% of the amount of the original gain
  • Tax free additional gains above the original capital gains investment by holding the interest in the Qualified Opportunity Fund for at least 10 Years
  • Be a part of dynamic social impact investing through the Opportunity Zone program

Coasis Coalition Opportunity Zone SuperConference

  • July 20-21, 2020
  • Monterey Conference Center
  • Monterey, California

The Nation's Leading Transactional Opportunity Zone Conference!


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